180 Degree Rotary Actuator (Double Acting/Single Acting)

Hydro Pneumatic Equipment is a leading Manufacturer of Pneumatic Actuator including 180 Degree Rotary Actuator (Double Acting/Single Acting) in Gujarat,India.


  • Ideal for line size above 50 NB.
  • Compact and light construction.
  • Tight shut off available for longer seat life, with the end
    stroke adjustment of the actuator.


  • Suitable typically for 3 way valve requiring ON-OFF operation.
  • Available in both Single Acting (Spring Return) or Double Acting Versions.
  • Single acting 180° actuator can provide centre off for 3 way ball valve, 
    bottom entry by choosing the option of 3 position.
  • Can be converted to 3 Position 0 - 90° - 180° actuator for 3 way valves using ROTEX Limit Switch & NAMUR Valve type 30138.
  • End stop adjustment provided for opening & closing direction as a standard
  • Actuator mounting is as per ISO 5211 and accessories to NAMUR .
  • 180° Actuator has 50% of torque value, of that of 90° Actuator.