Air Preparation System (L Series Lubricator_R)


  • Consistency in oil flow is maintained by low pressure nonreturnable valve.
  • The lubricator utilizes the novel drops control mechanism to fulfill the oil adding with air on. The inside flow sensor ensures the low atomizing flow, thin oil mist particles and long transmission distance.
  • High quality of flow rates are maintained due to filtrations.
  • Precise setting of lubrication.
  • Bowl can be refilled on line by opening refill screw completely
  • On line lubrication.
  • Refill screw can be opened partially as shown and then the complete bowl can be removed to refill.
  • Fine filter to avoid chocking of lubrication path.
  • Compact size, light weight, good performance, easy use, charming Appearance.
  • Specially profiled screw ensures the fine controls.