Automated Butterfly Valve

We have a variety of automated butterfly valve that is employed for many mechanical functions in varied industries. These area unit accustomed regulate the flow of fluids through a series of pipes. These valves also are applicable in larger lines as front and rear suctions and in fireplace equipment.

We offer big selection of machine-controlled Butterfly Valves. Options of machine-controlled Butterfly Valves area unit :

    Wafer Type and Fully Lug type Butter fly valves

    Top and Bottom mounted stem in disc gives good performance and life time.

    Centric, Offset, Double offset and triple offset Disc design

    High performance Teflon seated valves

    Molded and Replaceable designed seats

    Fully automated and manual operated valves.

    Heavy size Butterfly dampers are available

    Design Standard as per BS 5155/API 609 and testing as per API 598.

    Pressure rating #150, PN10, PN16

    Mode of operation Hand lever, Worm Gear, Pneumatic and electrical.

    Our design limit is up to 40 and all types of special alloys on request.


Why Our Automated Butterfly Valve?