Cryogenic Service Ball Valve / Extd. Bonnet Ball Valve

Our shopper will avail top quality vary of cryogenic Ball Valves, that realize application within the process, storage and transportation of liquefied gases like LNG, LPG and olefin. Creating use of fantastic grade material like LCB, CF8, CF8M, these exactitude designed valves area unit appropriate to perform dependably in refrigerant services. Moreover, our vendors facilitate North American country in providing the place custom-made styles supported the specifications place forth by the shoppers.

Sharpe Valves Series C

Key Points in our Cryogenic Ball Valve include:


·         Standard materials for these components are 304L, 3161 stainless steel and bronze

·         Standard materials for these components are 304 and 316 stainless steel

·         Item numbers 7, 8, 9 and 13 are recommended spare parts

·         An anti-galling substance is applied to external threads where necessary. No other lubrication is used or recommended

·         Optional static grounding springs can be applied between stem & ball; ball & body

·         Dimensions D & F shown are standard for KIGL. Other extension lengths are available on application

·         Alternative seat materials available

Valves meet test specifications of BS6364 for Cryogenic Valves Insures proper construction and testing.
Pressure Relief Hole in Side of Ball Upstream vent for excessive valve cavity pressure in closed position.
Permanent Attached Flow Arrow Reduce possibility of incorrect valve installation.
Relief Hole in Stem Slot Equalizes valve cavity pressure and line pressure in open position.
Live Load Stem Packing (Belleville) Provides long intervals between stem packing adjustments, decreasing emissions through the packing.
Visual Position Indicator Provides easy identification of valve position.
Special Cleaning Ready to use in critical applications.
Packing Keeps the valve in Factory-new condition until it is to be installed.
Extended Stem and Bonnet Positions stem and stem packing away from cryogenic fluid to prevent stem seal freeze-up and to ensure emission-free service.
Size Ranges and Pressure Classes Available 1/2" - 2-1/2" Standard Port, 1/2" - 2" Full Port, Meet wall thickness requirement of ANSI B 16.34 for class 600, 3" - 4" Standard Port Class 300, and 2-1/2" - 3" Full Port Class 300.
Series C84/C99/CD84 In-line serviceable swing-out center section allows easy access to internal valve components without disturbing alignment of pipe.
Bottom Entry Stem Prevents accidental removal of stem under pressure. Self adjusts with pressure and temperature fluctuations. Bottom entry system helps prevent accidents and injuries.
High Cycle Stem Packing PEEK and Nova* thrust bearings and stem seals extend valve cycle life and are the best choice for actuation.
Fully Encapsulated Body Seals (Series C84/C99/CD84) Allows valve ends to be welded in line without disassembly, saving costly labor time. Also prevents seal ruptures in high pressure and eliminates cold flow.
Integral Mounting Pad ISO 5211 Ideal for actuation. Centering lip feature assures precise alignment of bracket, stem and coupler. Allows for secondary containment unit to be added when necessary.
Lockable Handle All Sharpe® Series C Valves meet OSHA standards with locking device. Keeps valves from being opened or closed accidentally.
Traceability Heat numbers are provided on all valve bodies and ends. CMTR's (certified mill test reports) are available upon request.
* Carbon and Graphite Filled TFE