Dnlf 1 Series Limit Switch


UL Certified, conforms to UL 1203 & UL508, File no. 246615.

Temperature -20 to 80 OC.

Polycarbonate Dome, Shatterproof.

      Easily settable colour coded cam

Additional mounting hole to UNC.

ATEX certified by CESI, Italy. Certification no. CESI 05 ATEX017.

Dual Cable Entry.

Explosion Proof to I, II A, II B, and II C As per UL 1203
& UL 508, File no. E 246615.

Customer can choose any other V3 mounting micro switch.

For current above 10 Amp PCB will not be provided.

Serrated cams locked together ensures adjusted settings
secured against any vibration.

Switch Box conforms to Exd IIC, T6 Highest level of safety.

Cable Entry (3/4)" ET, M20, (1/2)" NPT or (3/4)" NPT.

All fasteners in stainless steel.

Water, Rain Proof to IP67.


Explosion Proof Limit Switch Box