Hydraulic Override


This is a further feature provided in each the only acting and double acting actuators as is evident from the figure.

Hydraulic Oil Tank

The tank is appropriate for adequate oil amount (up to doubly the quantity of Hydraulic cylinder). it's supplied with level indicator. (It is suggested to order coldness oil or fill element oil appropriate up to (-40O C.)The material of construction of tank is chrome steel.

Hand Valve

The rotary hand valve provides 4/3 perform. the facility stroke are often employed in each direction. Neutral position provides car / Pnematic mode.

Hand Pump

The pump is operated by hand generating up to a hundred and fifty bar, or 2000 PSI for the facility stroke. The lever is adoptable to the length suited. The lever isn't a district of provide. The tank & valves are connected to pump & cylinder by chrome steel tube. the amount of stokes needed is depended AN on the positioning of the mechanism.

Equalizing Valve

This valve meter connects each the chambers of the cylinder to reduce the resistance beneath car mode.