Inverted Bucket Steam Traps

We square measure engaged in giving inverted bucket steam traps. These traps square measure designed in such a fashion that they will be fitted into horizontal pipelines. They rectifiable and are given integral filter screen. The traps offered by us square measure tested on varied parameters before the ultimate delivery. Moreover, we provide these traps at business leading costs for our revered customers.

The inverted bucket is that the most reliable steam lure in operation principle identified. The guts of its easy style may be a distinctive leverage system that multiplies the force provided by the bucket to open the valve against pressure. Since the bucket is open at the lowest, it resists harm from water hammers, and carrying point’s square measure heavily bolstered for long life.

Sizes and pipe connections:

    HM00 - 15 NB, screwed BSPT/NPT

    HM10 - 20.NB, screwed BSPT/NPT

    HM12 - 25 NB, screwed BSPT/NPT


Limiting condition:

    Maximum body design conditions 13 bar g

    PMA- max. allowable pressure 13 bar g

    TMA- max. allowable temperature 220oC

    Maximum operating conditions depend upon orifice size