Knocker Cylinder


 Hydro Pneumatic Equipment is a leading Manufacturer of Pneumatic Cylinder including Knocker Cylinder in Gujarat,India.


  • Life guaranteed 10 million cycle.
  • Flange mounting or foot mounting.
  • Cylinder with ISO Dimension.
  • Spring return.
  • Frequency up to 30 Stroke/ min.
  • Knocker forces can be largely varied by increasing or decreasing weight of knocker
  • Ex d, ATEX versions available


Knocking can be adjusted by just adjusting/ rotating screw. Force can be varied by air pressure. Knocker can be fitted with all accessories, as per ISO.
3 / 2 high flow Rotex solenoid valve is a standard supply.


Recommended distance from surface to knocker head is 40 mm. Adjustment can be made by adjusting knocker head on piston rod.
Lock nut should be fully tightened against knocker head.