Motorised Butterfly Valve

We offers on- off sort and modulating sort 220v ac single part and 415v ac 3 part quarter flip electrical actuator operated central disc style / offset disc style rubber lined & expendable seat style butterfly valves for method system.

A unique vary of Motorized Butterfly Valves (V4 Series) is obtainable by us that finds applications in heating and cooling applications. We tend to square measure wanting domestic queries majorly from Gujarat, India.

Motorised Butterfly Valves for HVAC & utilities. These Valves square measure actually 'Fit & Forget Valve', which needs minimum maintenance. The body lines that additionally functions because the soft seat, comes in an integrally moulded version & offers bi-directional protection against vacuum up to the pressure of PN 10/PN 16.


Our collection is used with on-off or modulating control actuators.

    Media temperature for water range: 10oC to 130oC

    Rotational Angle: 90o

    Auto-declutch with IP67 enclosure

    Size: 60mm - 300mm