Plug Valve

Hydro Pneumatic Equipment manufacturer and dealer company offer wide selection of Plug Valve which enables the plug to rotate in and out of its position reducing the scrapping or rubbing. It caters to the numerous industries that contain food, paper, power, textile, sugar, gas and oil.

Plug Valve Features:

High quality

Low maintenance

High performance

Cost effective

Accurate dimensions


Optimum durability

The company is acknowledge within the marketplace for the manufacture, offer and therefore the export of a good vary of valves that area unit high on demand within the market and that they are designed during a} precise manner and therefore the Plug Valves we provide to the purchasers are created victimisation the simplest technology accessible within the market and that they are priced at very cheap rates within the market. These products have a really durable build and that they area unit rust proof in their build.

Plug Valve Variations