Regulating Actuator (Electro Pneumatic Positioner)


  • Can be coupled along with various types of valves (ball, V port Ball or Plug,  Segment Ball, Butterfly, Plug) or Louvers & Dampers for variety of  applications.
  • Long life of the Actuator seals, the non wearing characteristic of mechanical parts ensure that the control action is mentioned over the life time of the Actuator.
  • Backlash free operation between rack & pinion makes ROTEX actuators suitable for regulation duty coupled along with positioned (pneumatic or electro-pneumatic).

Typical control schemes along with the regulating Actuator includes provision for

  • Both air & power failure safety including above.
  • Power failure safety including stay put or fail safe operation like close full open.
  • Air failure safety includes stay put or fail safe operation like full close or full open.