Replacement Kits for Float & Thermostatic steam Traps

Completely assembled modules will renew traps simply & in an exceedingly short span of your time while not worrisome existing connections.


Each module consists of the lure cowl with complete float mechanism and air vent fitted in able to install condition. Cowl seal & name plate also are enclosed which can be required at the purpose of installation.

Continuing our decade’s long tradition of manufacturing the best quality repair kits for all manufacturers’ steam traps at competitive costs, we tend to are proud to expand the Float & Thermostatic Repair Kit line for each current and obsolete model.

We are operating toward the goal of repairing all Float & Thermostatic traps created by all makers, as we've got through with regulator traps.




     Stainless stell valve plug

     Brass or stanless steel seat

     Stainless steel corrosion resistant float

     One piece thermostatic Cage Unit for air removal. Calibrated for uniform operation.

     Water sealed, float operated valve for immediate discharge of condensate.

     Many kits include complete head assembly.

     No reduction in original trap’s capacity.