Single Acting Pneumatic Actuator

Hydro Pneumatic Equipment is a leading Manufacturer of Pneumatic Actuator including Single Acting Pneumatic Actuator in Gujarat,India.

Single Acting Pneumatic Actuator Features:

  1. Eliminates need for special tools & keys.
  2. Safe handling & dismantling.
  3. Pre compression leads to longer spring life.
  4. Modular spring construction permits combination of springs to generate optimim torque.
  5. Unique Spring Retainer Construction.
  6. No lubrication required for springs.
  7. Easy assembling & dismantling of various combination of spring sets.


  1. Triple point bearings one on top of rack,second on piston OD,
    thid by piston key rolling on pinion.
  2. High tech polymer for low friction
  3. Large bearing area to reduce load


  1. Valve mounting as per ISO 5211 with an additional one higher size pad.
  2. Standardisation of mounting accessories
  3. ISO Centering ring for precise location.
  4. Octagonal drive shaft for ease of mounting.


  1. Gr. III epoxy coated springs having high corrosion resistance.
  2. Modular springs set catering to various valve torque characteristics.
  3. Non buckling modular spring design.