Spring Return Actuator

We square measure producing a spread of spring return actuators. Conjointly called pneumatic Cylinder actuator. This mechanism helps in manufacturing a torsion curve that almost all closely matches because the torsion necessities of rotating valves.  

“Hydro gas Equipment” Offers On - Off sort Basic Model 220V Ac Single section Spring come Quarter flip Electrical actuator for Quarter flip Valves & Rotary Application.


Spring return actuators Features:

      Model: MOD - SPR - Basic

      Torque: 130 Nm

      Voltage: 220V AC

      Current: 1.5 Amp

      Direction: Clock Wise

      Manual Override: Wheel Type

      Open Time for 90 Degree: 7 Seconds

      Close Time for 90 Degree (Spring Return): 8 Seconds