Super Seal - Ecf Actuator


  • Low friction , areas retaining grooves provides non stick slip movement.
  • Additional lubrication is not required
  • The alternative seals can be installed at later date
  • Life over 3 million cycles.
  • The groove design is common for NBR & PE seals.
  • Polyethylene seals for an extremely long life.
  • Highly recommended for high cyclic operation application.


  • Hydraulic media can be used up to 12 bar.
  • High termperature range : +110°C.
  • Low temperature range  : -55°C.     
  • Needs low termperature grease.
  • Non lubricated media like dry nitrogen.
  • Can handle dirt & moisture.


  • Needs proficiency in installation
  • Due to higher hardness of material leakage up to 0.001 N l / min can be observed