Yxe Series : Super High Flow Valve Island (Fieldbus)


 Protocol  PROFIBUS-DP, DIN 19245-part 3-EN 50170.
 Transmission  Shielded and twisted pair.
 FIELDBUS Structure  Line or tree using repeaters.
 Max. No. of solenoid valves  63
 Max. No. of valves per island  16
 FIELDBUS cable length  1200 m at 9.6 kbps and 100 m at 12 Mbps.
 Island addressing  Rotary switch on the board


 Supply Voltage  24V DC + 10% with maximum 15% ripple.
 FIELDBUS consumption  < 150 mA
 Solenoid consumption  1.2 W
 Protection  IP55
 Supply connection (24 V)  M8 socket 4 pin male
 FIELDBUS connection

 IN 5 pin M12 - B male.
  OUT 5 pin M12 - B male

 Earthing  Onthe valve island
 Electromagnetic compatibility  CE, directive EMC 89/336/EEC.