FR Composite

With the Futuristic Innovation in the piping industry, Anjney Tubes Indian offers the ultimate solution with a brand name PPRCT.

The M.O.C. of the technology is a special grade of POLYPROPYLENE, an ISO 15874-2:2012, the global standard approved with a special crystallinity, Sandwich Glass reinforcement technology.

  • HIGHER HOOP STREES compared to any other polymer grade.
  • HIGHER flow, resulting to ENERGY SAVING.

PPRCT Technology is ideal for all the industries. It acts as a vein to the machines which is the heart of a company, thereby increasing efficiency technically and economically.

PPRCT claims to provide maximum flow compared to any piping system, it may be Polymer, Metal, GRP/FRP. It is resistant to almost all the chemical between -5 degree celsius to 95 degree celsius, PPRCT makes sure to provide a longer life.

Energy Saving

“Saving is the Second Definite Income” Industries are very conscious on maximizing production on minimum capital cost and maintenance.

PPRCT is a wholesome product that takes care of cost by saving energy and nil maintenance, with life up to 25 years.

PPRCT claims exceptional technical figures. No other polymer pipe gives such mechnical strength and flow with better temperature resistance, that also assures very less heat loss with great impact strength and less thermal expansion.

PPRCT pipes will work on same pressure as any other pipe but with lesser wall thickness and all-inclusive benefits directly support to the energy saving.

PPRCT Strength

Anjney PPRCT piping are developed with a special grade of polypropylene and glass reinforcement which caters the industrial needs. This remarkably reduces the maintenance cost and increased the Life Expectancy as well as Energy Saving. Anjney PPRCT piping is a brilliant innovation and an upgraded product of previous product named THERMAL FR Composite pipe which has successfully completed 12000 installation across india in various industrial applications. Almost 6300 industrial clients have already obtained the benefits of this pipes.