Anjney Tubes India has ben a specialist for developing the PPCH FR PENUMATIC Technology, 14 years back. This Penumatic Piping for Compressed Air Handling consists of special grade of IMPACT CO POLYMER, which is reinforced with Glass Fiber Multi-layered advanced technology.

This one of its kind innovation is the result of our persistent efforts to give our clients the highest benefits.

PPCH is consistently serving many companies past 14 years in market with very satisfied clients. Considering the feedback of our clients we, at Anjney have come up with a groundbreaking innovation by upgrading on PPCH with V2 approved FLAM RETARDANT Technology. It gives a new identification as “PPCH FR V2 PENUMATIC PIPING”.

This futuristic innovation has increased hoop stress that leads to increase the inner cliameter of the wall of pipes. This results in more flow at a given time compared to other metallic asnd non-metallic piping technology. It drastically cuts down power leading to energy saving.

The features mentioned of PPCH FR V2 pneumatic pipes and fittings make it an ideal solution for applications like

  • Compressed Air
  • Instrument Air
  • Nitrogen Air
  • Vacuum



Innovation at its best

The new PPCH pipes are being launched with many new features to benefit than existing ones. These pipes have blue and black coloured strips. The Blue colour is used as it has international recognition for Pneumatics pipelines, while the Black Layer for being U.V. Resistant.

Save Energy

The raw material used to produce these pipes have 20% more mechanical strength. This reduction in thickness automatically leads to more inner space. Thus the flow of fluids from the pipes hour has increased drastically. This acts as a catalyst to save energy.

UV Resistant

Compressed air pipes line is generally installed in open air, the direct UV rays affects the loss in the life of pipes. Considering this, new PPCH pipes has carbon content layer on the outer side of pipe which acts a UV resistant.

Blue strips are for being internationally recognized for pneumatic colour coding while the black layer for being UV Resistant. We have been able to do it with new and advanced technology.

Flame Retardant

V2 grade approved technology is used to manufacture the pipes which retards the fire spread. We ensure allmost safety in your workplace.


This innovated technology of PPCH FR V2 pneumatic pipes and fittings is the ultimate replacement for all kinds of compressed air line like matal pipes (GI / MS / CI / SS), plastic pipes (PP / PPR) and aluminum pipes as well.

The ground breaking PPCH technology claims to provide 2% to 5% of energy saving by replacing any compressed airline piping technology.

More clarity with figures to understand how PPCH FR V2 pneumatic pipes and fittings can save energy compared to any other compressed air piping solution.