YXE Series

Super High Flow Valve Island

Solenoid Size – 0 For DE, DM, DSA, DAF, VAD, VAF, VAG

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• Function –
5/2 monostable and bistable
5/3 center off, pressurized, exhaust
3/2 both NC or NO/ NC, or both NO
2/2 both NC or NO/ NC, or both NO Operating Pressure :
2 to 8 bar for bistable version
2.5 to 8 bar for monostable version
-0.95 to 8 bar for external air pressure (min. 3.5 bar)
3.5 to 8 bar for 5/3 version

High flow 1100 lit/min, kv=16, Cv=1.12 Number of valves can be in any combination. Maximum valves limited to 22 Solenoids

There are no limitations to the number of valves due to its modular construction. lt is more dependent on the flow rate of each valve. The total flow rate cannot exceed 6000 lit/min. The total flow rate is the flow rate maximum at any given time when multiple valves are operated simultaneouslyEasy recognition for the valves. All the valves are numbered and can be altered as per the wiring diagram of the customerThe protection is as per lP65Life expectancy is more than 60 million cyclesEasy installationMulti air pressure ports. Up to 3 different pressure ports. The valves are available with a blocking cartridge. This allows the customer to have two or three different air sourcesInterface with CANOPEN, DEVICENET, PROFIBUS and Asi availableAir inlet and exhaust are provided on both the sides for the tubing conveniencePilot exhaust is common for easy porting.The pilot exhaust is properly gasketed and is then brought to the end plates for tubing. This ensures no oil leaks inside the panel. The noise level also gets reduced due to the tubingNo lubrication is required. YXE is life time lubricated Intrinsically safe option available. 1200 operations / min.